20 Alternative Uses for Eggshells.

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Alternative Uses for Eggshells

20 Alternative Uses for Eggshells

So we have talked in a previous post about how to separate a yolk from the whites, and how to freeze them. But what should you do with the eggshells?

They are super versatile, and have tons of uses. So, check out the alternative uses for eggshells.

I always rinse my eggshells well, and then bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for 20 minutes to kill any bacteria.

  1. Give them back – If you own chickens, feed them right back to them. They are a great source of calcium.
  2. Compost – Throw them in your compost pile or tumbler. They decompose quickly, and add valuable nutrients to your soil.
  3. Pest Control – Crush them up, and sprinkle them in your garden. They shells will deter slugs and other slimy creatures. Deer also hate the smell of eggs, so sprinkle them around your flowers and trees to keep them away.
  4. Toss Them – If you don’t have a composter, just toss them in the yard to give your grass a calcium boost.
  5. Bite the Bitter – Add eggshells to your coffee filter, and it will cut the bitterness of the coffee. (This is the only way I can drink the stuff)
  6. First Aid – Use the membranes of the shell as a bandage, they also help promote healing.
  7. Start Seeds – Use them as seed starters. Fill with a tiny bit of potting soil, and sow your seeds.
  8. Drain Cleaner – Add some eggshells to your drain stainer. They will help grab the smaller items, and they will breakdown, and clean your pipes as they go.
  9. Fight the Itch – Dissolve the shells in apple cider vinegar (takes about 2 days), use in on rashes and skin irritations.
  10. Clear Skin – Place the shells in a food processor to form a powder. Add it to egg white, and use it as a face moisturizer. Rub on your face, let dry, and rinse.
  11. Get Sharp – Keep them in the freezer, and when your blender or food processor blades get dull, pop them in with a bit of water.
  12. For the Dogs – Process them into a powder. When your four legged friend get a stomach bug, sprinkle some on their food to stop diarrhea.
  13. Supplements – Soak them in lemon juice the fridge for a few days, then add a little to your shakes for a mineral boost.
  14. Homemade Chalk - Grind 5-8 eggshells add 1 tsp hot water and 1 tsp flour, pour into a mold or toilet paper rolls and allow to dry.
  15. Remove a Splinter – Place the membrane on the splinter and let it dry. It will draw out the splinter.
  16. Clean Pots and Pans - Use crushed up eggshells as a light abrasive to get the cooked on yuck off of your pots and pans.
  17. Nail Booster – Turn it into a powder and add a little bit to your nail polish to help strengthen nails.
  18. Brighter Whites – Grab some cheese cloth, crushed eggshells and a slice of lemon. Wrap it up, and throw it in with your whites to help them stay white.
  19. Give House Pants a Boost – Add crushed shells to a jar of water, use that water on your house plants to help give them a boost.
  20. Get Crafty – Use them as molds for art projects. Color them and make a mosaic. Blow the yolks and eggs out, and bake the shells for year round decretive eggs.

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What are some other uses that I may have missed?

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  1. kath g. says:

    WOW, those are some great ideas, i’m going to copy the list and use a lot of them…now i have to go read how to freeze eggs (always wanted to do that, but didn’t know how).

  2. What great ideas, I compost them all the time and I have heard they are healthy for the plants but I had never heard the coffee tip. Thanks for sharing.

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