7 Alternative Uses for Ketchup

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alternative uses for ketchup

7 Alternative Uses for Ketchup

Being a couponer, I ofter acquire lots of free Ketchup and other condiments, so fining alternative uses for them not only saves me money by not having to buy a specific item, but helps me burn through those free items without the worry of them going bad.

Here are my favorite alternative uses for Ketchup.

  1. Cut the Skunk – We live in the country, so skunks are always an issue. My doggie has been sprayed more then a few times, and ketchup is my goto stink remover.
  2. Shine Your Copper - If you have copper bottomed pots and pans, or family heirlooms, ketchup is great item to get them looking new. Just rub in on with a clean cloth, and wipe it off. For stubborn spots, add a pinch of salt.
  3. Get the Green Out - Are your beautiful golden highlights a dull green from the pool? Pour ketchup on your limey locks, and rub it in. Allow it to set for 20 minutes and rinse.
  4. Boo Boo Fixer – Do you have those little ketchup packets laying around? Stick them in the freezer, they make a perfect little cold pack for those little boo boos.
  5. Shine your auto parts - Rubbing ketchup on those grimy auto parts will help cut the gunk and get them shinning.
  6. Get Crafty - Looking for a craft to do with the kids? Pull out the ketchup and use it as finger paint.

So now that your ketchup bottle is empty, don’t throw it out! Rinse it, and it makes for a perfect pancake batter dispenser.

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