How to Freeze Eggs

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Freeze Eggs

2 Days worth of eggs!

I have about 20 chickens that I have raised from chicks, and boy do I get a TON of eggs! I average 10-12 EVERYDAY! Even after a pawn them off to friends, family and co-workers, I still have a ton left.

So instead of letting them just go to waste, I freeze them!

1 ice cube egg equals 1 egg. I use them in cooking and baking all the time! I occasionally separate the yolks from the whites and freeze them that way, but it is not necessary.

So next time you come across a great sale on eggs, don’t pass them up because you don’t want them to go to waste, grab them and freeze them!

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*Note: How to tell if an egg is bad: Place it in room temperature water. If is sinks, it’s good. If it stands up, it is still ok for a few days. If it floats, it is bad! 

How to Freeze Eggs

How to Freeze Eggs

It is super simple to freeze eggs. All you need is the eggs, and an ice cube tray.

How to Freeze Eggs

Crack all of your eggs into a large bowl.

How to Freeze Eggs

Whisk until they are well combined.

How to Freeze Eggs

Pour them into your ice cube tray, and stick them in the freezer. Once they are frozen completely (4-5 hours), pop them out, and store them in the freezer in a zip lock bag!

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  1. kath g. says:

    i’m happy to find out you can freeze eggs, i didn’t think you could. does it affect the taste? can you defrost them and make scrambled eggs or do you have to use them in baking?

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