How to Make Color Swirled Frosting

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color swirled frosting

I have mentioned in a post earlier this week that my daughters birthday is coming up. I am on a super tight budget this year, so instead of buying a cake, we have decided to make our own cupcakes for the party. I am NOT a cake decorator, and know my limitations, so I came up with an idea that is simple to give those oh so bland looking cupcakes some pop… Color Swirled Frosting! It is super easy, and right up my alley…lol

color swirled frosting

All you need is some white frosting, you can make your own, or grab some store bought. Some fun colored food coloring, a paint brush, pipping bag and tip (or you can use a ziplock baggy). And cupcakes of course. =)

color swirled frosting

Place your tip onto your pipping bag and turn it inside out.

color bag

Use a small paint brush to paint lines on the inside of your pipping bag. You can use one color, or spice it up with tons of colors.

cupcake filled

Turn your bag right side out and fill it up with your favorite frosting.

squish frosting

Use a spatula or flat item to push the frosting down into the bag, twist the top to close it off, and start pipping!

*Tip: Use a twist tie at the bottom of the bag to prevent frosting from oozing out of the tip while you are pushing the frosting to the bottom.

Super easy, and super cheap! You can take it a step further and add some sparkle with sugar sprinkles, but my daughter loved them the way they were, so we left them as is.

Get a nice little cupcake stand, and you are party ready!

color swirled frosting

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  1. Krystal V. says:

    amazing!! looks so cute :)

  2. kath g. says:

    thanks… what a GREAT idea! that is really clever and they looked so professional!

  3. tthis looks so good

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