Things You Should Never Pay For

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Things You Should Never Pay For

Things You Should Never Pay For

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With the combination of coupons and sales, there are things you should never pay for, or at least not retail for.

    • Toothpaste & Toothbrushes - Between coupons and sales, you should never pay for toothpaste. A lot of times, you can ever get paid to buy these items.
    • Makeup -  Shopping at the drugstores, you can always get deep discounts on makeup, stack them with a store rewards and coupon, and get them for next to nothing!
    • Medicine - Pain Relievers, antacids, cold medication, and allergy medication goes on sale all the time, especially during the season sales (ie. Allergy in summer, cold in winter). Even vitamins go on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free, combine with coupons and get them for free!
    • Tampons & Liners - No one wants to pay for these items, so why do it?
    • Body Wash -  CVS runs facebook promotions with free coupons for body wash, keep an eye out and stock up.
    • Lotion - Stocking up in winter when lotion is at it’s peak sales price  is the best way to grab these for free.
    • Condiments - Summer is the time to grab these items for free, there are always B1G1 sales, and tons of coupons available.
    • Canned Foods - Check out stores like Dollar General, or Dollar Tree. Combine the already low price with a coupons and get them for free.

  • Candy - CVS is my favorite store to stock up on free candy, they always have candy on sale for $.99 get a $.99 ECB back.
  • Antiperspirant – Ditch that brand loyalty and you will be able to stock up for free!
  • Soap - Another drug store deal. There are always Extra Care Buck Deals available!
  • Cleaning supplies - Yes, you can get those big named products at a steal when they go on sale just by using a coupon. The drug stores run buy one get one with an incentive to come back all the time.
  • Shampoo - Again, ditch the brand loyalty. Some shampoos go on sale more often then others, enjoy trying out new shampoos, and savor the savings.
  • Baggies - You can often get these for free or $.50 at the Dollar Tree, so stock up when those coupons available.
  • Razors - Razors are big item to get for free, because the name brands go on sale all the time at drugstores. If you are looking for a particular brand, check the coupon database, more then likely, you will find a coupon for it.
  • Paper Products - Another item that no one likes to pay for, so why pay full price? Drug stores run promotions all the time on these items, so stock up when there is a good deal. They don’t go bad, so it is ok to have a large stash of them.
  • Water - It’s bad enough I have to pay for water to my house, why pay extra when out? Grab a reusable water bottle, and save some money!

Check out when to stock up, and the rock bottom price list to save even more on everyday items.

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  1. angelia medlin says:

    I totally agree with this review. Why pay for things if you can get them for free or at a lesser cost. I always use coupons/discounts whenever possible just to save some money. Every little bit of saving helps alot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. tiffany dover says:

    I love this post! And everything you listed is great! I hate that we don’t have a cvs or rite aid in our state at all because they always have great deals. We do have walgreens but I don’t shop there often.

  3. Susan Smith says:

    Great post, I’, always looking at ways to save money. I think the key is to be open to buying any brand. If I don’t have a coupon for a brand name item then I will buy the store brand which is always cheaper and usually just as good.

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