15 Alternative Uses for Olive Oil

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Alternative Uses for Olive Oil

Olive Oil isn’t just for cooking anymore! There are tons of great alternative uses for Olive Oil!

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Alternative Uses for Olive Oil

  1. Shaving – Skip the expensive shaving gel and store a small bottle of olive oil in the shower. It is a great lubricator and also help moisturize your skin. 
  2. Cuticle Care – Rub a little on your cuticles each night before you go to bed, it will help moisturize and promote nail growth.
  3. Control Frizz – Comb a little olive oil through your dry hair to help deal with frizz and fly aways on humid days.
  4. Unstick Your Zipper – Have a zipper that just won’t stop getting stuck? Dab some olive oil on it to act as a lubricant.
  5. Dry Lips – Add olive oil to melted beeswax for an amazing lip balm! Check out the recipe here.
  6. Cat Care – Pour a small amount on Fluffy’s food to help prevent hair balls.
  7. Shine Furniture – Add a few drops of olive oil to a dry cloths and dust and shine your wood and leather furniture.
  8. Ease Snoring - Take a sip of olive oil before heading off to bed. The olive oil will help lubricate the muscles in your throat to ease snoring. Or slip some into your significant others drink before going to bed, we won’t tell.
  9. Prevent Diaper Rash – Rub a small amount on babies bottom. It will act as a barrier between the diaper and skin to help prevent diaper rash.
  10. Treat Lice – Apply to hair and let it set for 1 hour. Rinse well and shampoo.
  11. Exfoliant – Mix 1 part olive oil to 2 parts sugar and use as a gentle exfoliant on dry rough skin.
  12. Remove Paint from Skin – Been doing some remodeling? Rub some olive oil over the paint on your skin to help remove it without having to scrub your skin raw.
  13. Makeup Remover – Dab a bit over your eyes and cheeks to remove makeup easily.
  14. Condition Leather – Spritz olive oil on your drab, dull leather. Let it set for 30 minutes, then rub the excess off.
  15. In the Bath – Add a few tablespoons to your next bath, your skin will be soft and smooth after your bath.

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