How to Save at Chuck E Cheese

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How to Save at Chuck E Cheese


Oh Chuck E. Cheese, Where a kid can be a kid… While emptying out their parents wallets. The great thing about Chuck E Cheese is that you can let your kids run a muck, while you can sit and try to relax a bit by catching up on a good book, or trying to beat that impossible level of Candy Crush. But, Chuck E Cheese is SO expensive! But, there are ways to maximize your trip and minimize your cost.

I’ll start off by saying, Chuck E. scares the living crap out me, who ever thought of the idea of having a giant rat as a mascot? Maybe it is from the childhood memories I have of being elbowed in the nose from the giant rat, or the fact that in the 80′s and 90′s Chuck E. wasn’t exactly friendly looking. But, enough of my childhood trama, here are some ways to save at Chuck E Cheese.

How to Save at Chuck E Cheese

  1. Skip the over priced and over greasy pizza. Eat before you go, and just opt for drinks and games. Really, have you ever said to yourself “Gee, I could really go for some of that yummy pizza from Chuck E Cheese”? 
  2. Head online and look for discounted gift cards. You can usually find discounted giftcards from daily deal sites like Groupon, or even by checking out Ebay.
  3. Use coupons! The Sunday paper inserts always have Chuck E Cheese coupons. There are also Printable coupons that are available on the Chuck E Cheese website. If you need more tokens while there, use another coupon to get more, stay away from the token machine.
  4. Earn tickets before you go. You can have the kids play online and earn tickets, that you can print them out to take with you to redeem. That way, you will spend less on tokens because the kids are short on tickets to get that over priced piece of plastic that they will probably loose before you even get home.
  5. Head over and print a rewards calendar. You can bring this with you, and grab 10 free tokens. They have tons to choose from, and it really is a great thing to have. You can use one rewards calendar per child.

What are your tips for surviving Chuck E Cheese? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. Sarah C. says:

    If you sign up for their newsletter you can get nice coupons emailed to you as well.

  2. Sherrie C. says:

    I had no idea kids could earn tickets online. Thanks for the tips. I also don’t go there for the pizza either. It’s overpriced and not very tasty but very expensive. I’m bookmarking this page for future trips with the grandkids :)

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