How to Save Money On Laundry!

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Laundry, my arch nemesis… Just when I think I am FINALLY done, I turn around to another basket full of dirty laundry. Where does it all come from? If you think about it, the cost of doing laundry can really ad up, water, electricity, detergent, fabric softener all cost money! Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce your laundry cost.

How to Save Money On Laundry!

  • Make your own Laundry Detergent. You can make it in bulk, and it only costs pennies per load to make! 
  • Make your own Fabric Softener. I bet you probably already have the ingredients on hand, and it is super cheap to make!
  • Wash your laundry on the cold setting. It cost more to use hot water… Think of pennies being thrown away every time your hot water heater has to refill and reheat.
  • Hang your clothes out on the line on nice days. Nothing beats the smell of fresh laundry from the line.
  • Wash multiple loads at a time, that way you can take advantage of the heat build up in your dryer, your clothes will dry faster, and it saves money.
  • Clean your dryer lint trap after every load. Your dryer will have to work harder if it is clogged up.
  • Wash on the smallest load setting. If your clothes are really dirty, pre-treat them.
  • Don’t buy “Dry Clean Only” clothes. Next time you find a cute top at the store, make sure to read the care tag.
  • Only do full loads of laundry. That way you are doing less loads.
  • Use high-speed spins. If your washing machine has a “high spin” setting, use it. The high-powered spin does a better job of removing excess water from your clothes, cutting down on drying times.
  • Take advantage of off-peak hours. Some utility companies have lower rates during their off-peak hours (usually during the evenings or weekends). Call your utility company, find out the exact times, and then do your laundry during those times for easy savings. (This is also a good time to run the dishwasher)
  • Don’t overload your washer/dryer. When you overload, it doesn’t allow the detergent to distribute evenly.

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    I agree that doing the laundry should be done in a proper way. I still prefer the natural line-drying since there are now a lot of available clothesline to choose from. has lot of clothesline designs

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