10 Ways to Reuse K-Cups!

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k cups

I use my Keurig everyday, and I always felt guilt throwing out those neat little cups. But not anymore! Here are some ways to reuse K-Cups, so you don’t feel guilty about drinking your coffee!

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10 Ways to Reuse K-Cups

For some of these projects, you will need to place a small piece of tape over the hole on the bottom.

  1. Jell-O Molds. Either for the kids, or an adult party, these little guys work great! 
  2. Seed Starters. Fill them with a little soil, and use them to start your seeds for your garden.
  3. Table sittings. Decorate them to coordinate with your party theme, and cut slits on the bottom to hold the place cards.
  4. Tablescapes. Decorate and use them to elevate plates, and bowls to give your table setting a more 3D effect.
  5. Jewelry Holder. Decorate them, label them, and use them to hold small pieces of jewelry.
  6. Sound Game. Have little ones? Fill K-Cups with different items like rocks, buttons or pennies. Glue a piece of cardboard over the top, and let their imaginations go wild.
  7. Individual Sized Sauces. Making a special sauce? Fill K-Cups with your favorite sauce, and freeze. That way you can just pull out what you need.
  8. Ice Maker. Fill K-Cups up with water and add things like sliced lemons, or mint and freeze. Use these ice cubes in your next batch of tea.
  9. Garland. Cover K-Cups with decorative paper and string in up! Add them to twinkle lights for a party.
  10. Decor. Fill K-Cups up with tissue paper flowers and use them to decorate around the house.

Do you have any great ideas to reuse K-Cups?

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  1. Carmen Rudnick says:

    I’ve never thought to use the kcups like this before. These are really good ideas. I may try the seedling starter.

  2. chrissy c says:

    These are all great ideas! I never thought about doing anything with them except throwing them away! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Maria Iemma says:

    Wow – I just got a Keurig (my birthday present) and I had not given any thought to the reuse of Kcups. Thank you for the great ideas.

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