4 Ways to Save on Bills

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4 Ways to Save on Bills

Do you ever feel that there are more bills coming in than money? I feel this way sometimes and so I have been thinking about ways to cut on costs. I’m not going to tell you that you have to live without electric or running water so don’t worry.

  1. Unplug  – Save on your electric bill by unplugging all of the things you are not using. I’m not suggesting you unplug your fridge, stove or dryer… Unplug the smaller things such as; hair straightener, curling iron, electronic devices, phone chargers etc. We all think just because our phone isn’t charging we aren’t using electricity, but if your charger is still plugged into the wall then you are. Yes it’s small but can make a difference.
  2. Get rid of Cable – Did you get cable because they had a great offer, so many months at a promotional price and then they jack it up? Boot cable out the door. There are tons of streaming companies like Netflix or Hulu where you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies for less than $10 a month.
  3. Coupons – Saving on groceries is one of the biggest ways to cut down on costs. I know I said ways to save on bills but you have to eat to survive right, then it’s a bill… Use coupons! You can find printable coupons, paper coupons and even rebate programs like Ibotta that will save you money instantly or give you cash back! Match your coupons with the grocery stores sales to get the best savings! Saving 50% on your grocery bill will help you to afford vacations or something else you really want.
  4. Go Prepaid – Cell phone bills can be a big money taker. If you have a smart phone your bill will usually run you $75-$100 a month depending on your carrier and your plan. There are several prepaid companies out there offering unlimited everything for $50 a month. That’s a savings of $25-$50 a month. What will you lose? You will lose your contract! How horrible is that? Why lock yourself into something when you don’t have to.

Saving on bills isn’t rocket science but yet we still think we can’t do it because there is nothing to cut back. Using the tips above you will be able to save money and possibly be able to afford some things that you have wanted sooner than you may have thought.

Have tips to save on your bills? Let us know in the comments so we can try them out!

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