Elf on the Shelf Magic Snowflake Dust

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snowflake dust

Our little Elf on the Shelf Sneaky arrived yesterday with an odd little package labeled “Magic Snowflake Dust”.


He must have over heard the conversation I had with the girl about not getting any snow where we live. She loves snow, but in our area we are lucky if we get an inch, and even luckier if it sticks around for more than a few minutes.

I must say I was fascinated with it. According to the instructions that he left all we needed to do was make a few snowflakes out of pipe cleaners, then stir the magic snowflake dust into warm water and place our pipe cleaners into it. He recommended doing this before the kiddos went to bed.

So that is what we did, I used a pen across the top of the container we used to help hang the snowflakes into the snowflake solution.

When the kids woke up the next morning, they were welcomed by Sneaky and a pleasant surprise.


The pipe cleaner was completely crystalized! It looked like it was frozen in time with sparkly ice crystals! The kids (ok, me too) were amazed at the transformation!



Here is a close up of this awesome little snowflake ornament!


Want to make some magic snowflake dust for your little ones?

Here is what you will need:



Pipe Cleaners


Magic Snowflake Printables 


You need to use approximately 3 tbsp of borax for every 1 cup of water to get a good crystallization to form.

Mix the borax with warm water and place your pipe cleaner snowflake shape into the solution.

Allow it to set overnight, and that is it!

Super easy, and the kids will love it!

Don’t forget these free Magic Snowflake Dust printables!

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