CVS 101: How to Shop at CVS


Like it? Pin it!  CVS 101 CVS can be an adventure, scanning your card at the Magic Coupon Machine, finding unexpected deals… How fun! Here are some tips and tricks on How to shop at CVS. Be sure to watch the CVS 101 video for some examples and more tips! First Things First: If you […]

Things You Should Never Pay For

Things You Should Never Pay For

Things You Should Never Pay For Like it? Pin it! With the combination of coupons and sales, there are things you should never pay for, or at least not retail for. Toothpaste & Toothbrushes - Between coupons and sales, you should never pay for toothpaste. A lot of times, you can ever get paid to buy […]

When To Stock Up! What’s on Sale Month By Month!

 Do you know when the best time to stock up frozen foods are? What about baking supplies? I have compiled a easy list broken down by month of what deals you can snag at the yearly rock bottom price! What’s on Sale Month By Month! You can view the PDF HERE!  Or just scroll through […]

Stock Up Price List!


It has been requested, so here it is: My personal price list on what I am willing to pay for items for my household. These prices are set on my area here in North Carolina. Depending on where you live, they may be a bit higher or lower. Get it Here!

Wonder why there is a crack down on coupons?

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I have had a manager called over to “inspect” my coupons many of times. If you use them on a regular basis I am sure that you have had this happen also. Ever wonder why all of a sudden there is an influx of “inspecting” going on? Freebies and Deals brought this interesting article to […]

Why YOUR Coupons Are Missing Barcodes!

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 If you have been printing coupons for a while, you may have noticed some changes to the ones you have recently printed. They are now missing the Barcode on them. This has worried some, but there is no need to worry, it is just another way to protect companies from coupon fraud and actually help […]

GUEST POST – Reasonable Couponing!

  A very special Thank You to Rachel over at Acadiana’s Thrifty Mom for this Guest Post!  She is an expert in finding store deals, coupon matchups, and Tons more!  Stop over to her page and say Hi, and let her know I said Thank You! With the huge popularity of couponing these days, it is no […]