Hot Process Soap! Candy Cane Soap

candy Cane

I love making soap. Hot Process soap is my favorite, even though it takes a little longer, I don’t have to wait for it to cure, and can use it right away. I am a bit behind on my homemade gifts this year, so hot process was a necessity for this soap to be ready […]

Elf on the Shelf Magic Snowflake Dust

snowflake dust

Our little Elf on the Shelf Sneaky arrived yesterday with an odd little package labeled “Magic Snowflake Dust”. He must have over heard the conversation I had with the girl about not getting any snow where we live. She loves snow, but in our area we are lucky if we get an inch, and even […]

DIY Homemade Body Butter

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Looking for an easy homemade gift? This homemade Body Butter is easy to make, and inexpensive too! Homemade Body Butter Items Needed: 6 oz Coconut Oil 2 oz Cocoa Butter 2 oz Essential Oil of Choice Food Coloring (Optional) Mixer Directions: Clean your container in warm soapy water and allow to dry. While your container […]

DIY Hot Cocoa Gifts in a Jar


Looking to do some DIY Christmas gifts this year? I love doing gifts in a jar, they are simple, inexpensive and fun to make and give. Be sure to grab the free printable to add to your gift! DIY Hot Cocoa Gifts in a Jar What You Will Need: 2 Cups Powdered Sugar 1 Cup […]

Homemade Gift Idea: Sugar Cookie Body Polish

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Like it? Pin it! Looking for a simple homemade gift idea? This recipe for Homemade Sugar Cookie Body Polish is simple, smells amazing, and inexpensive to make! Chances are, you have all of the ingredients to make this homemade gift already at home! Homemade Gift Idea: Sugar Cookie Body Polish Ingredients: 2 ½ Cups White […]

10 Ways to Reuse K-Cups!

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I use my Keurig everyday, and I always felt guilt throwing out those neat little cups. But not anymore! Here are some ways to reuse K-Cups, so you don’t feel guilty about drinking your coffee! Like it? Pin it!  10 Ways to Reuse K-Cups For some of these projects, you will need to place a […]

Easiest Way to Remove Glitter Nail Polish!


Like it? Pin it!  I don’t know what it is, but ever since I got out the the Army, I have been OBSESSED with nail polish. Maybe it’s 8 years of not being able to do fun and bright colors catching up to me. If you watch my YouTube videos, you know what I mean…lol Lately, I […]

$5 off Coupon to Home Depot!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 11.10.11 PM

It seems like this summer has been deemed the summer of projects. I don’t think a week has passed that I have not been to Home Depot, so I am super excited about this $5 off a $50 purchase at Home Depot. Every little bit I save, helps get one more project done…lol Snag a […]

Sharpie Tie Dye Shirts!


Looking for a cheap craft idea for the kids? Breath new life into an old t-shirt and make Sharpie Tie Dye Shirts! We had a family friend over today, so I had to keep a 3 year old, 9 year old, and 17 year old busy today… Yikes! So I grabbed some sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol, […]

20 Alternative Uses for Eggshells.

Alternative Uses for Eggshells

20 Alternative Uses for Eggshells So we have talked in a previous post about how to separate a yolk from the whites, and how to freeze them. But what should you do with the eggshells? They are super versatile, and have tons of uses. So, check out the alternative uses for eggshells. I always rinse my eggshells […]