5 Fun & Unique Ways to Decorate Pumpkins

Decorating Pumpkins

Like it? Pin it! 5 Fun & Unique Ways to Decorate Pumpkins Carving pumpkins has long been an autumn tradition for many families. It captures the spirit of the season and allows everyone to express their individuality. Visiting the pumpkin patch is always a family favorite and looking for the perfect pumpkin has almost become […]

4th of July Non Alcoholic Layered Drinks!


Like it? Pin it!  With 4th of July right around the corner, I wanted to make some fun drinks for the kids. They always feel left out, when it comes to fun and pretty looking drinks because they are usually alcoholic drinks. So, this year, we made some yummy and fun 4th of July Non Alcoholic […]

Kids Snacks: Octopus Hotdogs

octopus hotdogs

Kids Snacks: Octopus Hotdogs Since it is summer, trying to keep the kids busy and happy is a never ending task. So we I have decided to come up with themes for each week. This weeks theme is Under the Sea, so to kick it off, I served up some octopus Hotdogs for the kids […]

Jello Pinwheels!

Jello Pinwheels

Jello Pinwheels! What kid doesn’t like Jello and Marshmallows? Combine the two and end up with some super yummy Jello Pinwheels! Ingredients:  1 Cup Water 1 Package of your favorite Jello 1 cup mini marshmallows In a microwave safe bowl, combine your Jello and water. Whisk together until Jello is dissolved. Place Jello mixture into the microwave for […]

Homemade Sidewalk Paint

sidewalk paint

 Homemade Sidewalk Paint    Make your own Homemade Sidewalk Paint! Kids love sidewalk paint, but have you checked the price of this stuff lately? Geez! You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make your own Homemade Sidewalk Paint. You only need 3 things! Kids will not only have fun using it, but it makes […]

Wasting Bubbles? Make a Bubble Refill Station!


Make a Bubble Refill Station!  Summer is upon us! And if your kids are anything like mine, bubbles will be spilt… EVERYWHERE! My kids love bubbles, but refilling the bubble guns, and blowers, and whos-its and whats-its, ment stopping everything to do it for them to minimize the mess. And of course, a 3 year […]