Alternative Uses for Coconut Oil


Like it? Pin it! I love using Coconut Oil. I cook with it, make soap with it, even use it help heal wounds. You wouldn’t believe the never ending uses for coconut oil. I generally order mine from Vitacost, but you can find it pretty much anywhere… Even CVS! Alternative Uses for Coconut Oil Health […]

30 Mosquito Bite Itch Relief Tips


Oh those pesky Mosquitos! I make my own bug repellent, but I just ran out, so now it seems like every time I step outside, I get 2 or 3 mosquito bites. So instead of opting for store bought itch relief, I have come up with some natural itch relief remedies with items that you probably already have […]

15 Alternative Uses for Olive Oil


Olive Oil isn’t just for cooking anymore! There are tons of great alternative uses for Olive Oil! Like it? Pin it!  Alternative Uses for Olive Oil Shaving – Skip the expensive shaving gel and store a small bottle of olive oil in the shower. It is a great lubricator and also help moisturize your skin.  […]

20 Alternative Uses for Lemons

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Like it? Pin it!  I have wanted a lemon tree for the longest time! Mr. Always told I didn’t need one, since we don’t exactly eat a lot of lemons. So, to prove him wrong, I have come up some alternative uses for lemons! Take That Hubby! lol Alternative Uses for Lemons Prevent Cauliflower From […]

20 Alternative Uses for Eggshells.

Alternative Uses for Eggshells

20 Alternative Uses for Eggshells So we have talked in a previous post about how to separate a yolk from the whites, and how to freeze them. But what should you do with the eggshells? They are super versatile, and have tons of uses. So, check out the alternative uses for eggshells. I always rinse my eggshells […]

7 Alternative Uses for Ketchup

alternative uses for ketchup

7 Alternative Uses for Ketchup Being a couponer, I ofter acquire lots of free Ketchup and other condiments, so fining alternative uses for them not only saves me money by not having to buy a specific item, but helps me burn through those free items without the worry of them going bad. Here are my […]